domingo, 10 de febrero de 2013


I want to fly like pigeons,
to dream with colourful cities,
to sleep on trees,
to swim like happy fish. NATALIA C.

Protect plants,
love animals,
help to create a better world
and let your heart fly. NEREA TERRÓN

Don,t kill animals in danger of extinction,
they want to live,not to die. IRENE

Plants live in our planet,
fish swim in the river
birds fly in the sky
we live in peace together
let,s try. IRENE

I want to swim in the sea like a fish
I want to fly in the sky like a bird
I want to run in the land like a mammal
and I want to be like animals. ANTONIO

I dream that I fly like a pigeon in the sky.
I want to work in the park
and swimming in the river like a fish.
I want to walk in a big jungle, climbing the trees.
My heart enyoys a lot when people don,t kill animals
and take care the planet. ALEJANDRO

Save the animals, save the plants
save the oceans and be glad. CARMEN

I want to run like leopards
to jump like frogs.
To travel around the world
on an elephant. NATALIA C

Don,t kill animals
love them
take care of environment
and play again. AINARA

I want to save animals
to fly with pigeons
to fish with fish
to save the parks in cities.Natalia D

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